First, a love letter.

Hey wild thing,

I know you’re scared, and I know that for you, scared looks like hesitation, frustration, disappointment, and intense self-doubt. I know that your anxiety can send you into a spiral over past decisions and future outcomes until you are pulled so far in both directions that your present, centered, empowered, and action-ready self is ripped right down the middle. I know how you will lie there, bleeding your creativity into the dirt.


I’ve seen this story play out more times than I can count, and you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok that you have a trigger happy shame mechanism that reacts to negative feedback, suggestive glances across the table, and silence where you expected support. It’s ok that you have memorized the flavor of dust.


It’s ok, because you’re not the only one. And maybe your most important job right now is to allow other people to see you rumble. Maybe your greatest service is just showing up. Maybe refusing to hide is going to take all the courage you’ve got.

I know that the weight of the work you’ve left undone can get so heavy that you feel buried alive, AND I know that your record for getting up anyway is, so far, 100%. Please stay in it, even though it’s hard. Please stay in it, because it’s hard. If you don’t believe me, listen to one of my rumbling role models:


“You are a born maker. And we need what you can bring to us because you’re the only one who can bring it. I think it’s that simple.”

– Brene Brown

I'm Ready When You are. Get up, wild thing.
- HG

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