Hey wild thing

I know you’re scared, and I know that for you, scared looks like hesitation, frustration, disappointment, and intense self-doubt. I know that your anxiety can send you into a spiral over past decisions and future outcomes until you are pulled so far in both directions that your present, centered, empowered, and action-ready self is ripped right down the middle. I know how you will lie there, bleeding your creativity into the dirt.


Why I Coach

After studying everything from dance to culinary arts, veterinary medicine to psychology, I landed in the fitness industry. The last decade was a powerful training ground that left me both full of gratitude AND fed up with my industry. I spent most of my life searching for ways to prove myself, and in doing so, I ended up as a leader in my community and an example of physical discipline. What no one could see was that FEAR and a profound lack of trust in myself were driving my life.

My history of disordered eating, abusing my body with exercise, and paralyzing anxiety didn’t matter to the fitness and “health” industry as long as I could maintain a six-pack. My physical body was the gateway to both my deepest pain and now my most powerful transformation. It saved my life, and it is my responsibility to share that story. If I contribute to growing the connective tissue of our world by igniting truth in one other human, then my story isn’t wasted.

Now, I am driven to share my message and invite others along for the climb. 

The short answer: It’s what I’m meant to do.

What is my coaching process?

I relish the process of bringing the various tools and skills I have learned over the years into our work as we co-create an experience that will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. For some of my clients, this looks like focusing on who they are as leaders and navigating obstacles in business and team development. For others, it looks like tackling a physical challenge and beginning the process of rehabilitating their relationship with their bodies.

Is Coaching Right For You?

The short answer: Yes. And, maybe not yet.

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